A Simple Guide to Top Ultrasound Machine Brands

A Simple Guide to Top Ultrasound Machine Brands

In the world of diagnostics, ultrasound machines are invaluable. They allow medical professionals to peer into the human body without invasive procedures. However, with such a critical medical device, the brand you choose is as important as the type of machine you get. Below is a concise guide to the top ultrasound machine brands you should consider buying for your healthcare facility.


Philips Healthcare has been a global leader in health technology for years. Their products range from diagnostic imaging systems to energy-efficient lighting solutions. Despite the brand’s impressive variety, one of the items they’re most well-known for is their versatile ultrasound machines. Whether you buy one of their entry-level models or a high-end one like the EPIQ or AFFINITI you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get something to fit your needs. This is because Philips continually innovates with user feedback in mind, so you’ll be purchasing a well-refined product.


Canon Medical, formerly Toshiba Medical, is also well-known for its high-quality ultrasound systems. Canon’s Aplio series is a standout, featuring the latest in ultrasound technologies and ergonomic designs to aid practitioner comfort. The company prioritizes cutting-edge imaging technologies and has made significant strides with advanced visualization tools, setting new standards for diagnostic precision.


Mindray is a relative newcomer compared to some of the other ultrasound brands, but it has quickly become a staple in medical facilities worldwide. The company is acclaimed for offering clinical-grade imaging at an accessible price point, making advanced medical technology more affordable. Mindray’s Resona, Consona and MX series of ultrasound machines, in particular, are the perfect representation of its commitment to high-end performance without the premium price tag.


A titan in the medical technology industry, Siemens Healthineers brings pioneering advancements in ultrasound to the table with its ACUSON series. These machines are renowned for using AI in imaging and automation, which helps streamline processes and enhance diagnostic certainty. Siemens’ dedication to holistic healthcare solutions is evident in its integration of ultrasound with other diagnostic tools for maximum patient benefit.


General Electric has been a dominant force in various industrial sectors, and its healthcare division exemplifies this, especially in ultrasound technology. GE’s LOGIQ, VIVID and VOLUSON series is a mainstay in healthcare settings, offering a blend of sophisticated imaging capabilities and easy-to-use interfaces. Specialized models like the LOGIQ E10 and VOLUSON E10 also cater to specific medical needs with versatile scanning and workflow optimization solutions.

Where To Get Yours

Each ultrasound machine brand mentioned in this guide sets a benchmark in this sector in a different way, which is what makes all of them top contenders. Yet, the right choice ultimately depends on the unique needs of your healthcare practice. By considering factors such as patient load, budget, and the scope of diagnostic services required, you can make an informed decision that benefits both your staff and the patients they serve.

Once you’ve come to a decision on what’s most important, you can get your desired ultrasound imaging machines from our website. Vomark carries models for each of these brands, so you should have no trouble finding the one that best suits your needs.

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