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  • Philips/HP Sonos 5500


    Software Revision B | Date of Manufacture 1998/2000

    Shared Service, Stress Echo 2D, Ultraharmonics, M-Mode, PW Doppler, Duplex & Triplex Doppler, Angio, Zoom, Dual.
      Accessories: Mitsubishi MD830 VCR & Sony UP 890/95MD B/W Printer.

    Other Sonos 5500 Deals:

    HP Sonos 5500 with S4 Transducer

    Philips Sonos 5500 with S4 & 11-3L Transducers

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  • Siemens Acuson Antares Sonoline


    Software Revision 4.0.103 | Date of Manufacture 2003/04

    4D,OB/GYN, Abdominal, Vascular, MSK, Fetal Echo, Syngo General License, Film VFS, Film Paper Printer, GET Worklist(DICOM) Sie Scape, 3Scape, Sie Clear, Summit, TEQ.
      Accessories:Sony SVO-9500MD VCR & Sony UP 23MD B/W Printer 
    Probes: C5F-1 3D/4D Volumetric, CH4-1 Convex, VFX9-4 Linear.
  • Siemens Acuson Aspen Advanced


    Software Revision 7.03 | Date of Manufacture 2000

    AEGIS Dynamic, Aspen Advanced C2, AUX CW Doppler, Delta, DICOM Print BKGRND, DICOM Print Bulk, DICOM Store Bulk, DICOM Worklist, Service Update 1, Stress Echo, Volume Flow, Cardio XDCR, Radio XDCR, Vascular Calc, Cardio Calc, OB Calc
      Probes: C3 Convex, C7 Convex, L7 Linear, L5 Linear, V7 Pediatric Cardiac,...
  • Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512


    Software: 12.23 | Date of Manufacture 2006

    Vector Velocity Imaging(VVI), Vascular, OB/GYN,PW Doppler, M-Mode, D Color, B Color, DICOM Bulk Storage, DICOM Printing, Modality Worklist, Native TEQ, Native Tissue Harmonic, Spacial Compounding, Spectral TEQ, Tissue Equalization, DTI, AUX, Calc Data to MO, Card Cadence 2, Clarify VE, Coronary Flow Reserve, Driving Experience 7 & 8, Auto Measurement, Dual Linear, Extended Trigger, GI Auto Doppler, High Frame Rate DTI, High HR ECG.
      Probes: 6C2-5 Curved Array, 4V1 Vector, 6L3 Linear, EV8C4 Endocavity.
  • Siemens Sonoline G40


    Software Revision 2.0.09(033) M.N. 08648375 MFG 2006

    DIMAQ-IP, DICOM Print/Store, SieScape, Vascular, OB/GYN, Abdomen, B/W Printer
    Probes:    CH5-2 Convex, VF10-5 Linear, P4-2 Sector & EC9-4 Endocavity
  • Siemens Sonoline G50


    Software Revision 2.1.000D M.N.0748218 MFG 2004

    DIMAQ-IP, DICOM Print/Store, SieScape, Vascular, OB/GYN, Abdomen, B/W Printer
    Probes:    VF13-5 Linear    L10-5  Linear  EV9-4 Endocavity