Mindray Advantage:

      • Versatile technologies that work effectively for multiple specialties.
      • Excellent system performance across a wide range of applications.
      • User selectable setup, from dedicated specialty to full service.
      • Clinical application-specific measurement, calculation and reports.
      • Comprehensive DICOM features: Store/Print, Worklist, MPPS, Query/Retrieve, OBGYN S/R, Vascular S/R & Cardiac S/R.
      • Wired and wireless data transfer and connectivity.
      • Durable chassis, 1.5 meter drop tested, meets the transport and handling demands of various care environments.
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Mindray M7 Advanced

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Leading Portable Cardiovascular Ultrasound System 

The Mindray M7 optimizes the optimal combination of advanced imaging technologies and miniaturization technologies. Mindray research and development engineers employ the System On Chip (SOC) design within the M7 ultrasound system. SOC enables complex technologies to be built into the M7’s compact laptop style chassis. Medical devices built around SOC designs are energy efficient and highly reliable. The M7’s exceptional image quality, user experience, and versatility have expanded the performance and flexibility envelope for hand carried ultrasound imaging systems.

Mindray Advanced Technologies:

  • System On Chip (SOC): enables high end system technologies in an extremely compact design.
  • Octal-beam imaging technology: provides excellent temporal resolution.
  • iClear™ : speckle suppression technology.
  • iBeam™ : spatial compounding.
  • iZoom™ : enables accurate viewing of image for user from distance.
  • iScape™ : panoramic imaging.
  • TDI: tissue Doppler imaging.
  • IMT: auto-measurement of carotid intimae-thickness.
  • Full-featured DICOM function: network, worklist, MPPS, query/retrieve, structure reports.
  • Upgradeable platform guarantees your long-term investment protection.

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M7 Technical Specifications

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Part Number: MRM7
Manufacturer: Mindray
Mindray M7 ClinicalMindray M7 Clinical
Mindray M7 Features:
  • 15" High Resolution LCD Monitor
  • iTouch™ Intelligent Image Optimization
  • iZoom™ Expandable Image to Full Screen
  • IMT: auto-measurement of carotid intimae-thickness
  • Expandable 160G SATAII Hard Disk
  • QWERTY Keyboard with LED Backlight
  • Multi-function Knob and Trackball
  • User Programmable Controls
  • I/O Module
  • V/A Extend Module
  • ECG Module
  • Mobile System Cart & Peripherals
  • 15" External LCD
  • Printers: B/W & Color
  • Foot Switch
  • B & M Mode
  • Anatomical M Mode
  • Color Doppler Velocity
  • Power Doppler(DirPower)
  • Pulsed & Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Smart 3D
  • Static 3D/4D
  • iScape(Panoramic Imaging)
  • TDI(Tissue Doppler Imaging)
  • Color Mode
  • HPRF, Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Phase Inversion THI
  • iBeam™ Spacial Compound Imaging
  • iClear™ Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging
  • OB/GYN
  • Cardiovascular
  • Radiology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Emergency Medicine
  • L14-6Ns(6-14MHz) Linear
  • L14-6s(6-14MHz) Linear
  • L12-4s(4-12MHz) Linear
  • 7L4s(4-10MHz) Linear
  • C5-2s(2-5MHz) Convex
  • P4-2s(2-4MHz) Phased
  • P7-3s(3-7MHz) Phased
  • V10-4s(4-10MHz) Convex
  • V10-4Bs(4-10MHz) Convex
  • 4CD4s(2-6MHz) Convex
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