iStorage / iMeasurement / iReport iStorage: Directly transfer images and reports to PC via network cable iMeasurement & iReport: Offline PC software for user-defined measurement table, formula calculation and report template. Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) Auto measurement of anterior and posterior wall thickness providing accurate carotid status. Auto LV Simple measurement procedure for left ventricle, enhanced by auto-trace functionality and easy manual correction. iTouch™ Gain instant auto image optimization in B, Color and PW Modes on the click of a single key. iZoom™ Gain instant full screen view on the click of a single key. iStation™ Mindray’s unique Patient Information Management System allowing you to integrate, review, archive and retrieve patient data effectively. Raw Data Enables optimum flexibility for post processing of the stored images including parameter adjustments, adding comments and measurements. Comparable System to the Mindray DC N3:

Mindray DC N3

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The New Mindray DC N3 ultrasound system has once again re-defined medical imaging standards in image quality, versatility and value. Featuring top of the line performance, efficiency and cutting edge design, the DC-N3 is the true leader in its class. With advances technologies the DC N3 delivers razor-sharp images allowing you to accurately and confidently diagnose your patience.


The DC N3 delivers high performance with advanced features such as spatial compounding and phase shift harmonic imaging, compatible with up to ten transducers, it’s ready to serve your varying diagnostic needs.

iBeam™ spatial compounding using multiple scan angles to form a single image with enhanced contrast resolution for better visualization.
PSH™(Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging) Purified Harmonic Imaging for better contrast resolution providing clearer images with excellent resolution and less noise.
iClear™ gain improved image quality based on auto structure detection.
iScape™ extended view of the anatomical structure through panoramic imaging coupled with velocity indication and forward/backward scan ability.
B-Steer™ adjustments to the scan line to gain better visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels.
Free Xros M™ precise anatomical observation by freely placing sample lines at any angle.
Free Xros CM™ Accurately evaluate myocardial motion at different phases, and simultaneously determine myocardial synchronization.
TDI quantitatively evaluate local myocardial movement and function, providing complete TDI modes for faster and direct diagnoses.
Multiple Beam Formation Maximum 4 times tasking for one transmitted beam, resulting in excellent time resolution and higher frame rate.
ExFOV better diagnostic information through extended view of the anatomical structure on all convex and linear probes.

Warranty & Support

With great confidence in its products, Mindray exceeds the industry standard by offering a 2-year warranty coverage, as well as warranty extensions to ensure your investment is protected. Vomark’s authorized and Mindray certified service representatives will be at your side, to provide technical support along with applications training, ensuring your patience best care.

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Part Number: MRDCN3
Manufacturer: Mindray
Mindray_cmyk_TM_NA (1) Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Firmly committed to our mission of “sharing medical technologies with the world”, we are dedicated to innovation in the fields of Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Medical Imaging. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Mindray possesses a sound distribution and service network with subsidiaries in 22 countries in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. While improving the quality of care, we help reducing its cost, making it more accessible to a larger part of humanity. Since its foundation in 1991, Mindray’s development has been driven by innovation. Mindray has built up a global R&D network with research centers in Seattle, New Jersey, Miami, Stockholm, Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi’an and Shanghai. Today, Mindray’s products and services can be found in healthcare facilities in over 190 countries and regions. Inspired by the needs of our customers, we adopt advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach.
  • 1991, Founded in Shenzhen, China
  • 1993, Developed China's first multi-parameter patient monitor
  • 1995, ISO 9001 certified by TUV
  • 1998, Developed China's first 3-part differential haematology analyser
  • 2000, Received first CE Mark clearance; began exporting products overseas
  • 2001, Developed China's first digital diagnostic ultrasound imaging system
  • 2003, Developed China's first automatic chemistry analyser
  • 2004, Received first FDA 510(k) clearance; first products exported to the US Market
  • 2006, Developed China's first 5-part differential haematology analyser
  • 2006, Developed China's first digital colour Doppler ultrasound imaging system
  • 2006, Listed on New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "MR"
  • 2007, Received the "2006 Global Market Penetration Leadership" and the "2007 Patient Monitoring
  • Global Excellence" awards from the global growth consulting company, Frost & Sullivan
  • 2008, Acquired Datascope's patient monitoring business, becoming the third-largest player in the global patient monitoring device industry
  • 2010, Received the "2010 European Patient Monitoring Excellence in Globalisation Award" from the global growth consulting company, Frost & Sullivan
  • 2010, Received the " 2010 Frost & Sullivan Award for Excellence in Innovation "
  • 2011, Acquired a controlling stake in Shenke, Hyssen, Greenlander IT and TDR Biotech
  • 2011, Received the “ 2011 Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Growth Award”
  • 2012, established Miami R&D center