DC-8 Ultrasound

DC 8 Features

  • 3T Transducer Technology™ - increases bandwidth and transmission efficiency.
  • Echo Boost™ - adaptive signal processing technology providing better image brightness and visualization of tissue layers.
  • Auto IMT - measurements of carotid artery Intimal Medial wall thickness.
  • Stress Echo
  • TDI/TDI QA- allows to quantitatively eveluate local myocardial movement and function.
  • Free Xros M- enables to gain precise cardiac observation by freely placing sample lines at any angle.
  • Free Xros CM- attain higher frame-rate providing accurate results.
  • Lateral Gain Compensation- allows for easy optimization on technically difficult patients.
  • Contrast Imaging-high performance real-time imaging to enhance visualization of pathological structures.
  • Elastography- assesses tissue elasticity to help distinguish between cystic and solid lesions.
  • HR Flow- better visualizes tiny vessels and complex flow patterns with extraordinary spatial resolution.
  • Full Connectivity with DICOM, DVD, DVR and photo printer.
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Mindray DC 8

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The New Mindray DC 8 is the ultimate all in one shared service ultrasound system, which includes applications such as: Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Small Parts, Urology, Pediatric and Peripheral Vascular. Coupled together with powerful top of the line 3/4D imaging technologies, the DC 8 makes it a perfect fit for all of your ultrasound needs.
With great confidence in its products, Mindray exceeds the industry standard by offering a 2-year warranty coverage, as well as warranty extensions to ensure your investment is protected.
Vomark's authorized and Mindray certified service representatives will be at your side, to provide technical support along with applications training, ensuring your patience best care.

DC 8 Advanced Imaging Technologies:

  • iBeam™ spatial compounding using multiple scan angles to form a single image with enhanced contrast resolution for better visualization
  • iScape™ provides real-time panoramic imaging of large structures in a single sweep
  • iTouch™ offers single-button image optimization that provides excellent image uniformity
  • iClear™ speckle suppression and edge enhancement technology improves contrast resolution to differentiate between normal and abnormal structures
  • iZoom™ one-touch expands displayed image for viewing at a distance
  • iNeedle™ enhances needle visualization to aid in biopsy procedures
  • iWorks is a powerful protocol management system beneficial for all ultrasound practitioners.
  • iWorksOB is a dedicated extension of iWorks, designed to work easily with the random movements of the fetus

DC 8 Literature

DC 8 Brochure
DC 8 Technical Specifications
DC 8 Transducers

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Part Number: MRDC8
Manufacturer: Mindray